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What are the most typical misconceptions about voluntourism?

Individuals considering the need to assist is sufficient, and that ‘popping in’ to volunteer for just a few hours is useful. There may be a feel-good issue for the volunteer, however it does little to assist. For instance, there are intensive research that point out volunteering in orphanages in Cambodia exacerbates the issue somewhat than serving to kids, since there are individuals who view well-intentioned volunteers as money cows. The truth is, these volunteers are perpetuating the circumstances — and worse, with out aspiring to, exploiting children who don’t profit from a short go to.

The main target ought to be on studying from grassroots leaders and discovering methods to assist them. Grassroots leaders are accustomed to points of their communities and dedicated long-term to be of help.

Additionally, in emergencies or when catastrophe strikes, it’s essential that folks solely assist in the event that they particularly skilled to assist in emergencies. One of the simplest ways to assist is to donate to those that are finest geared up to assist.

What impressed you to proceed travelling the world as a volunteer?

I did two early volunteer journeys, three months every: the primary to Haiti, which was irritating, and the second to Bangladesh, which was instructional and galvanizing. After going to Haiti, I went to graduate college the place I received the prospect to study humanitarian and growth programming, and which types of organisations had been really helpful in group growth. Once I heard concerning the success of Grameen Bank in considered one of my lessons, I instantly set my sights on going there to study how small loans had been making optimistic change to tens of millions of poor girls. I used to be lucky that the expertise I had as a volunteer advanced right into a profession in microfinance consulting.

Ten years later, in 2001, after I moved to the UK, I returned to the volunteer aspect as a board member and supporter of varied NGOs. I used to be capable of go to programmes in numerous international locations after which give first-hand accounts of the influence of their work to potential donors. It’s inspiring to work with like-minded folks.

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