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Budget Travel Tips: Travelling the world doesn’t have to cost a lot and you don’t need to play the lottery to do so if you realize how to save money. To help you manage a vacation on a budget, we’ve put together some tried and true advice.

Budget Travel Tips

1. Come Up With A Plan: Budget Travel Tips

Budget Travel Tips: If you do have the luxury of time and cash to spare, travelling on the spur of the moment is a wonderful experience. However, if you’re on a tight budget, the first step is to devise a strategy. You don’t need a tight, hour-by-hour itinerary, but you should at least have an idea of how long you’ll be spending in each city or country, and know the route that your epic adventure will take. You’ll have fewer unexpected expenses because you’re less likely to have to pay for last-minute flights and lodging.

2. Plan A Trip During The Off-Season.

Budget Travel Tips: In order to avoid being ripped off by the travel industry, you should avoid taking vacations during the school holidays. When planning a trip, look into the best time of year to visit the location you’re planning on visiting. This one is called the ‘shoulder season’, where you’ll still have a great trip but maybe the sun won’t shine quite as brightly (and, on the plus side, it won’t be quite as hot.) During this time of year, hotels and airlines lower their rates in order to attract new customers.

3. Know How To Find A Place To Stay

Budget Travel Tips: Rather than staying in a luxurious hotel suite, opt for a room in a hostel. There are advantages to bunking with others and the chance to meet new people while saving money on lodging.   It will cut the cost in half and give you a more realistic view of city life. Be sure to take advantage of your host’s insider knowledge of the area’s best restaurants and attractions. Staying with friends or family could also be an option. The best way to discover new places is to get in touch with people you know, whether it’s a long-lost relative or an old schoolmate.

4. Pack Properly: Budget Travel Tips

To avoid having to go shopping while you’re away, make sure that you pack everything that you’ll need (apart from a few souvenirs). Make sure to pack a pair of long jeans, a hoodie, and an outerwear that can withstand rain or snow. Check out our ‘Travel like a pro’ packing guide for specific tips on what to bring on all of your travels.

5. Book Flights Early

Budget Travel Tips: Particularly for return flights; running out of money while travelling and not having a return ticket is never a good thing. The closer you get there your departure date, the more prices rise, especially in the final month of the booking window.

6. And Also Be Intelligent About Just How You Fly

Budget Travel Tips: Tuesday is the best day of the week to go on vacation. Because weekend flights are more expensive, it’s cheaper to fly midweek, and the lines at the airport check-in and security are shorter. There’s no need to update to Business Class, no matter how perfect the seats are. When you arrive, you can use the cash you save on low-cost seats to cover the cost of food and lodging. For short flights, low-cost, cheap airlines are a good option. If you’re taking a short weekend trip, try to keep your luggage to a minimum and only bring hand luggage to save money on checked baggage.

7. Make Use Of Public Transportation

Budget Travel Tips: The cost of travelling by bus or train is less expensive than flying. It’s as simple as that! Another benefit of taking an overnight train ride is that you’ll save money on a hostel stay.

8. Keep A Tight Rein On Your Spending.

Rather than splurging on a meal at a posh restaurant or café, lunch can be purchased at a supermarket or a local healthy food market. Before settling on a restaurant for dinner, take some time to look around; otherwise, you won’t know if you’ve overspent your budget. Both for your wallet & your waistline, opting for water instead of beer at dinner is a good idea. As an alternative, hostels & spare rooms often have kitchens where you can cook for yourself and save some money.

Earn While You Travel

9. Earn While You Travel

Budget Travel Tips: There are many ways to make money on the road while on vacation, including teaching skiing in the winter, caring for tourists in the summer along the Mediterranean, or teaching English in Thailand. If you’re able to work “on the go,” you also could freelance while on the road. You’ll never run out of things to do.