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Travel Tips For Beginners: Travel Tips For Beginners: This first-time international travel advice will set you just on the right track! Have you ever fantasized about travelling to a foreign country? Have you ever desired to travel to Africa, Asia, or any other place where you may be immersed inside a new culture? If you have never travelled outside of your nation, it may be your chance! It appears that travel is always a smart idea and a fun approach to discover components outside of one’s regular comfort zone. However, it may also be a highly intimidating experience, especially for novices.

Travel Tips For Beginners: If you already know what it’s like to travel within your own nation, you already know how exciting it is to see new sights and activities. It’s unsettling to consider misunderstandings due to a language problem, cultural values that are the polar opposite of those at home, and feeling incredibly disoriented in a location you’ve never experienced before. Travelling domestically is very different from travelling abroad.

Travel Tips For Beginners: Don’t worry about it. After your first international trip, you will become accustomed to and learn to manage the culture shock you experience whenever you visit a new location. Being prepared in advance should be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself while flying overseas alone for the first time. With these basic guidelines for first-time international travel, you will feel more confident when departing for your first trip abroad:

travel tips for beginners

1) Begin With Something Simple: Travel Tips For Beginners

Travel Tips For Beginners: Travelling to certain places is less of a hassle than to others. Consider a trip to Bouvet Island for six weeks or a brief journey up K2 if it is your initial time travelling outside of the country. It’s up to you whether that’s what you desire.

2) Take Care Of Any Issues With Your Phone

An unlocked smartphone is one of the most liberating things you can have. A local SIM card offers affordable high-speed data that may be available for your phone if it is unlocked. Toss out those extortionately priced Sprint and Verizon data plans. A local SIM card is the best way to connect to the Internet. All but T-Mobile customers. Almost every country is covered by their Simple Choice plans, which include unlimited foreign data. However, it moves at a glacial pace. In my guide to the best cell phone plans for travelers, I talked about them.

3) The Proper Luggage

It’s better to buy a small backpack than you anticipate needing (see Tip #5 for additional information). A nice travel backpack is what I favor. The hybrid backpack/trolley-bags are popular with certain individuals, but I find them cumbersome. Regular rolly bags should be avoided because they cause more hassle than they’re worth. All except the most extreme trips necessitate the use of large luggage, which should have been avoided at all costs.

4) The Correct Equipment

I’m always on the lookout for a good deal on a laptop while travelling. A USB power pack is a lifesaver. In my opinion, most individuals can’t afford noise-cancelling headphones.

5) Pack Light

This is going to be the most difficult part of the trip. Overpacking is one of the most difficult temptations to resist. There are whole industries created around the idea of “but I might need this!!!” and charging you for big bags since you never know when you’ll need it. For everything, keep your weight loss to a maximum of 30 pounds. Aim for a number under 25 if you’re not bringing a lot of electronics. You don’t have enough clothes for more than a week. Laundry can be done at any time and in any place. Travelling light will fundamentally alter the way you experience the world. Please see Why You Should Always Pack Light or What to Pack for an Around the World Adventure for additional information.

6) Cloud-Based Data Storage

One of my friends lost three weeks’ worth of images while travelling throughout Asia in a taxi. Easy to set up and use, cloud backups are an excellent option. Google Photos is a favorite of mine, but there are many other solutions out there. CNET has a comprehensive list of the best: What kind of cloud storage service should you use?.

7) Apps With You And Your Loved Ones To Use

Without a doubt, Google Translate is really the best tool for any traveler (you may download languages while connected to WIFI and use them offline). Second place goes to Google Maps (download an area on WIFI, and it too will work without a data connection). Connecting your family to apps like WhatsApp and Instagram is also something I strongly suggest (or Skype or Messenger, etc.). Keeping in touch while travelling is essential for both your own and your companions’ emotional well-being. 

If you don’t have a lot of tech savvy, Instagram is a good option because it’s simple to use and allows for cross-posting to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Several travelers I’ve met use Tumblr as a quick and easy way to blog their adventures and share them with loved ones back home. If you’re truly into it and have a little bit of technical know-how, you can’t go wrong with your own site. BaldNomad.com, for example, is my website.

8) Have No Fear About Staying In Hostels

Hostels aren’t on the radar of most Americans. There’s a widespread belief that they’re unkempt, raucous, and dangerous. My two years of full-time travel have shown me that most hostels are better than most hotels.

9) Make Sure Your Phone Is Locked: Travel Tips For Beginners

Travel Tips For Beginners: What you put on your phone is perhaps the most important item you own. Changing a phone is a simple process. Data theft is a lot worse. How many different banking applications and websites have you used that use your photos and addresses to log you in? Your phone should be locked. After a few uses, the screen will indeed be smudged as in the exact form of your passcode, making the swipe geometry patterns appear spectacular. Biometrics and numbers are more secure.

travel tips for beginners

10) Don’t Make It Easy For Thieves: Travel Tips For Beginners

Travel Tips For Beginners: On one of my trips, I met someone who was brand new to the area, originally from a little town in the Midwest. Her iPhone 6 was protruding from her back pocket as she strolled through London. Even though theft is extremely rare, you should take no chances. At a sidewalk café, don’t leave your bags on the table. On a crowded train, never leave your backpack unattended. You’d be shocked at how frequently I observe folks failing to comply with these requirements. You can’t go wrong by being a little wary. Every time you move the hostel, you don’t have to lash your stuff to your chest using steel chains. Be aware of the surroundings, you know? Maybe it isn’t the ideal spot for it if someone can take it up or rip this out of his hands without any effort.