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Books can provide endless pleasure and comfort, but not all pages are meant to stay in your collection forever. Some titles are helpful for a particular purpose or need and can be given away to benefit others. Not only does this free up space on your shelves and surfaces, but someone new might use those books you let go of. The first thing to do is go through each tome and see if it is a necessary part of daily life. Will you re-read it? Can it be of service to future endeavors? Basmo suggests taking the time to determine if you’ll re-read each book again. Those you won’t are an obvious choice for the “declutter” pile and can even be given as gifts to loved ones rather than donated. Is there anything as special as sharing the magic of a title that spoke to you with someone else?

Certain publications are easy to give away because they already provided you with the information you sought. One category you can probably get rid of without guilt is anything of a DIY nature. Craft books, hobby literature, and anything else under DIY was helpful while learning a new trade or skill, but they don’t offer many services once you’re experienced. Remove these books from your shelves and donate them to a local charity, used bookstore, or Goodwill, where others can access them and learn from their pages.

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