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Frequently Asked Questions

Using DailyTravelBud is quite easy due to our user-friendly interface. All you need is to enter origin, destination and to select your schedule. Within a few seconds, all the available travel deals will appear on your screen and now you can compare them and book your ideal deal.
We’re neither a travel agency nor a booking agent, instead, we work to find the best travel deals for you according to the requirements. Our utmost goal is to help you in getting a value-for-money deal at a reasonable price. You can compare all available travel deals to find the perfect deal for you.
In order to cancel or change the schedule of your flight, you need to contact the booking site or airline to open the request. We advised you to check the imposed restrictions on your destinations prior to the travel.
As soon as your booking gets confirmed, we’ll let you know with a confirmation email at your email address.
The refund/cancellation policy of each hotel or airline varies, therefore the overall time for returning the refund money can vary from hotel to hotel.
So far, we’ve served thousands of people and the number of positive reviews is the reflection that we can be trusted.
Visit our contact-us page, enter the required detail in the boxes and submit your message. Our team will get back to you as soon as they can.